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A network’s value is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network.

- Metcaalf's Law

When Amazon and Yahoo were launched there were merely 18.000 websites worldwide on the internet, while today we have over 23.815 public APIs available to anyone on the internet. According to Metcalf's Law the value of a network increases exponentially as the number of nodes in a network increases. The biggest network humanity knows is the Internet and a node is anything connected to it that provides value. These nodes can be servers, phones, devices, IoT, etc ...

Vrtex aims to enable the Information industry to add nodes without worrying about connectivity and communication. We empower, enable and democratize innovation alongside integrating flows across any application, data source, and device regardless where these services are hosted on the cloud or on premise. The form of the integration is no important it can be an API, EDI, Data Integration, DevOps, ESB, IoT, Microservices, SOA and whatever new technology the future has in stored.

Vrtex is an IaaS (Integration as a Service) platform. Integration-as-a-Service delivers an integration solution that provides connectivity to backend systems, sources, files, and operational applications through the implementation of well-defined interfaces, web services, and calls between applications and data sources. This provides users with a more loosely coupled environment, safe from complex interdependencies. The Integration-as-a-Service delivery model enables integration across the cloud, making it possible to share data between systems as well as third-party vendors in real-time.

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